Internationalization of Higher Education in the Maldives (Aishath Shaheen)

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Aishath Shaheen discusses current endeavors in the Maldives to internationalize higher education. She further highlights priorities for joint research programs with institutions outside of the Maldives.

Aishath Shaheen is the deputy vice chancellor for research and innovation of the Maldives National University (MNU). She has a master’s degree in human resource management and before joining MNU she worked at the President’s Office. As the deputy vice chancellor of MNU, Shaheen currently oversees all the research activities and chairs the Maldives National University Research Grants Committee, Research Ethics Committee and the Committee on Courses. She is also a lead researcher in various research projects that are undertaken by the Maldives National University. She is a member of Special Awards Committee of the President’s Office and a member of the Maldives Qualification Authority Board. Shaheen has taught management and human resource management subjects at the university and has conducted training in related areas for both public and private sector organizations. She has also developed textbooks for ‘Employment Relations’ and ‘Performance and Reward’ for the human resource management course conducted by the Centre for Open Learning at MNU.